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I offer original, creative, professional and interactive web design. The websites I create are attractive, functional and at the same time affordable. The designs that I offer are both useful for visitors and profitable for website owners.

I make sure that your requirements are met and the results exceed your expectations by paying close attention to detail, and asking a lot of questions up front! By communicating I've built long-lasting relationships with my clients.

I have clients all over North America, Europe and worldwide. 

I believe that your success is my success. In fact, my clients have been with me for years and the majority of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming more and more popular. I am well versed in Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. CMS software allows me to manipulate large amounts of text files in an easy affordable way.

Why Choose Me?

Because I am a team player who will eagerly work with you and your staff to design a website that will reflect your corporate identity and appeal to your target audience. Your website will be designed using all the latest design and programming technology, so that it is fresh and exciting.

I will also work with your existing webmaster, marketing agency or previous web development firm to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of your website. This includes the handling of duties such as domain name registration, email account setups, project management and much more.

I will take care of all the technical needs for you, to ensure minimal disruption to your daily business activities. 

Website Design Process


The first step in designing a website is determining the goals, purpose and function of the site. Take some time to look at your competitors sites and investigate your target market. This may influence the look and content of your site.

Content Pages and Navigation

The site design consists of colour, personality, layout and functionality. The most critical elements of website design are good navigation (so content can be found) and an attractive appearance. The graphic designer will use their creative talent to present a visual prototype.

Prototype Design

A prototype includes all website elements and design for approval by the business owner. Once the prototype design is complete, you can have a realistic image of what your site will look like and do. The website prototype looks lovely but needs to be coded by specialized programmers to make it accessible and secure for search.


Before the much anticipated website launch, the site must be tested for broken links, bugs, slow loading times, and browser compatibility. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Official Launch and Promotion

Finally, your site is live for the world to browse! Start promoting your site by including it in your email signature and promotions. Write and distribute a press release, promote via social media, and submit your site to directories.

Website Redesign

Is your website design out of date? Could you benefit from a more current design?

I have worked with many companies to redesign their existing website. A website redesign can involve simply improving the website appearance, web page navigation, search engine rankings, adding a content management system, making the site mobile (responsive design) or all of the above.

The evolution of social media, e-commerce, smart phones and increased online competition is having a significant impact on the need for continuous website improvements. Here are a few other reasons to possibly consider a website redesign:

  1. The site looks amateurish or parts are broken.
  2. There is little or no lead generation actions.
  3. The navigation links are poorly named or misleading.
  4. The inner pages are difficult to navigate.
  5. The information on this site is dated.
  6. The body text is hard to read.
  7. The site is hosted on a limited server.
  8. The site can't be found by search engines.
  9. The page layout and design is inconsistent among pages.
  10. The site is incompatible with certain web browsers.
  11. The site content is mostly graphic or flash.
  12. The site has a high bounce rate.

I can redesign a website according to your audience's needs. A website must capture the visitors attention with new information, an attractive design and compelling content that is easy to navigate. 

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